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Rechargeable Wireless Intercom System



Rechargeable Wireless Intercom to Connect 2 to 100 Rooms and Offices to Make Unlimited Calls with no Extra Cost The rechargeable wireless intercom is a new type of intercom which enables you to make unlimited calls both at home and office. With the use of the wireless intercom, you can effectively communicate with Rooms and Offices Wireless without Running Cables and Punching through the Walls. A wireless intercom system has SIMPLE INSTALLATION, WHICH IS CHARGE AND USE after purchase. No cost of installation and maintenance after purchasing the set. When fully charged, it can last for more than 24 hours without electricity. You don’t need re-charge cards, you can make hours of extensive calls with no extra cost. Key Importance of Our Wireless Intercom System:- • It is Multi-channel wireless intercom system that is fully expandable to an unlimited number of intercom stations from 1-100 • Easy to relocate from one Spot to another based on where you want to use them. • It works with or without Electricity (Inbuilt Battery) without electricity it stays for more than 2 weeks before recharging. It has off and on button that helps to preserve battery lifespan. It has removable charger which allows you to carry your intercom around within your vicinities. • It has Ultra-clear sound quality • Setup is extremely simple and can be done in minutes • You can add additional intercoms to your network as needs change Features • 2-way digital wireless voice communication • Transmission range is 1000 feet between units (305 meters range) and 500 meters in open space. • Connections are Digital and fully secure • Digital Spread Spectrum Technology for security and immunity to interference. * Plug and Play User Self Install; No technical Knowledge required * It is designed to be placed or mounted on any surface, horizontally on any wall surface or vertically on any flat surface OPERATIONAL GUIDE 1. Plug the system into electricity and it is powered on, red indicator flashes every four seconds. 2. To call, dial the number you want to call and press the CALL button. It rings at the called intercom as the red indicator stays on. The indicator turns green when the call is picked. If the call is not picked/answered after some minutes the connection cuts as the red indicator beeps. If the called intercom is busy the red indicator stays on as it sounds engaged and cuts. 3. After a call is made and conversation is completed, drop the cradle to hang up and the system goes into standby as the red indicator beeps on at intervals Price – ₦25,000 PER INTERCOM ₦50,000 PER SET (2) WE CAN DELIVER ANYWHERE IN NIGERIA RESELLERS ARE NEEDED NATIONWIDE Multibase Services 49 Awolowo Way, Opp. Central Mosque, Ikeja-Lagos Call 08029320295, 08061343300 Visit our site:


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