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Electric Lamp for Killing Mosquitoes at Night




This is a new innovative product that has just been imported into the country from abroad and they are damn selling like hot cake. It is called Electric Lamp for Killing Mosquitoes. The product MOSQUITOES KILLING LAMP is superb and kills mosquitoes like crazy! Why Using Electric Lamps for Killing Mosquitoes? Mosquitoes cause sickness through the viruses/plasmodium they transmitted to a person which causes malaria parasite in human beings. Apart from viruses, mosquitoes also cause nuisance like sleepless night. The economic impact of the problems of mosquitoes-such a tiny little insect is very high. For instance, to treat Malaria parasites (caused by Mosquitoes) you will need to spend more than a thousand naira (₦1,000) in minor cases. In serious cases, you spend over ten thousand naira (₦10,000) to treat yourself at the clinic. Malaria parasite at times leads to death. It’s wise to keep our family safe from mosquitoes and be safe from Malaria. Insecticides have been used over time to control mosquitoes at home and offices. These insecticides are dangerous to your health and the health of your family. When you spray insecticides in your homes, you expose your skin to the chemical used in manufacturing insecticides which is bad for your skin. Beware of skin cancer. Inhaling the gas released when flitting your rooms and house with insecticide is bad for your lungs and can cause harm to your respiratory system. Even, if you covered yourself when flitting the room/house, the particles still remain in the air as at the time you go to sleep in the same room. The solution to the above problems is to use Electric Lamp for Killing Mosquitoes. Every family needs at least 3 (one for each room) and instead of spending money on Insecticides which is also not safe for our health or Doctors to treat Malaria. Electric Lamp for Killing Mosquitoes is non-rechargeable and once switched on at Night, it keeps killing the mosquitoes. How it works? The blue light from the Electric Lamp when plugged, will attract the mosquitoes to the lamp and once the fly into it, it electrocute them. The “vap” sound it makes when it electrocute the mosquitoes excites me like craze. With this Electric Lamp for killing Mosquito, you have little to worry about when it comes to mosquitoes and flying insects. It is not only brightens the home, but it is also a guaranteed way of eliminating mosquitoes. It functions by making use of blue light to draw the insect‎.‎ When the insect gets to the lamp‎,‎ the current will kill them instantly‎.‎ It is safer to use in place of spraying insecticides in your room. It is economical and safer than other methods of killing insects.‎ It is also suitable for use in hotels‎,‎ restaurants‎,‎ hospitals and other business places‎.‎ With the help of this lamp‎,‎ safe health is now guaranteed. What are you waiting for? Kill the Mosquitoes before they harm.

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