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Powder Cockroach Killing Baits

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Powder Cockroach Killing Baits


The perfect solution for complete cockroach eradication in your homes, offices, shops and warehouses etc. 1. Work Efficiency (a) The product is the best bait designed according to the characteristics of the ants feeding, specific control of pest ant! It has a baitattractant effect. (b) This baits can not only directly kill cockroaches in great quantities, also can block eggs hatch, killing cockroach deformity, so as to achieve the distinctive features of the cockroach depopulation. (c) This product is non-toxicity, safe, healthy, pollution-free, induce great strength, strong palatability to insects class, knock out crawling insects effectively, It has lasting effect with small dosage, no pollution, is not easy to develop resistance by cockroaches. (d) It is available for termite control also, with long lasting effect, the use is safe. (e)   It’s a big lure for ants, cockroaches and termites. It is strong and rapid; 2. Environmental health: no chemical residues, no pollution, no irritating smell. How to use: 1. Open the bag and poured out baits on roaches haunt or hiding places, such as shade, water crossings, cupboard, refrigerator, sink, stove while, drawer, closet, corridor, etc. Each small bag on the three to five points, in order to ensure the effectiveness. 2. Green leaves bombs are clear baits dropping, the effect of killing cockroach is so high, and cockroach’s calamity is extremely serious, overall effect of this product is magical. 3. It is suggested you change the bait every 7 days, after 2-4 times, it will eliminate ant, cockroach, termite completely. One Pack contains 50 pieces of cockroach killing baits Attention: – wash your hands immediately after use. – away from children, pregnant and lactating women – do not mix with food to prevent misuse – do not put in where a pet can reach. – store in a cool, dry place. No exposure to high temperature or sun – accidentally touching the eyes, immediately wash the eyes with water, wash at least 15 minutes.


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